Prioritizing Wellness During 2020

Wednesday and I’m barely trudging through my 2nd workout of the week, disappointed at my crawling snail pace. My boys have been on vacation with their dad for 3 days, and it’s officially the longest I’ve gone without them these past three transitional months.
It’s been tough. As I miss them I think of this sentiment that I know we all currently share –
Over. It.

This year is testing our perseverance and for real, I’m out of patience.
My body feels weak, my mind worn down, and my spirit needs fresh motivation and fire.
I’ve written and deleted a dozen posts, gone into weeks with new goals that crumble, started days hopeful for change….only to see a new polarizing chaos brewing all around.

I wrote my youngest sons 6th birthday letter yesterday and wondered when we look back, how we will remember 2020. What things will be said, and how it will go down in history. I know it’s been a struggle for most of us, our family alone is dealing with the greatest stressor we’ve ever faced with our divorce. The only thing we CAN agree on right now is how unstable the world feels, for almost everyone.

Exercising today didn’t feel good until it was over, and it’s been a battle getting myself to intentionally move the past three months. Eating has been based on convenience, our food consumption a pathetic example of “fuel”. Survival has been the name of the game, an excuse I’ve clung onto. During times of anxiety and stress, we tend to prioritize our health and wellness last. Ironic when it’s the time our mind, body, and soul need it most.

Mentally, a lot of comfort can come from mutual struggle. Knowing we are all doing the best we can during unstable times. Something I was reminded of this week as I feel helpless without my kids was – when things feel out of control, focus on the things we can grasp onto. Things we know, believe, and are- that cannot be taken away. Things we can share:
Love. Kindness. Understanding. Growth. Relationships. Compassion. Heart. Perseverance.

We’ve got a lot of things vying for our attention. Plenty of advice, opinions, demands, and fear others are trying to force on us or plead with us to abide by. It’s difficult to know who to trust, what action to take, and who to believe. But if we focus on what things remain, the uncertainty can stay as long as it wants- because humanity cannot be broken.

Physically, what can we do? If we can’t stomach a planned regimen or our normal intensity, let’s remember the basics. What we do is less important, what matters is we do something at all. We can use this time as a break from our normal routine. Pick something we haven’t tried yet. Be kind and don’t tear ourselves apart stressing about losing progress. Fitness is a marathon, to be in it for the long haul means acknowledging the highs, lows, AND stall out points. Pick ways to just move, no matter how insignificant it feels-and give ourselves credit for it.

Soul. No better time than when we have too MUCH time on our hands to feed into this. We need to engage in what provides happiness and release. It doesn’t have to equal productivity. It doesn’t have to serve any other purpose, other than to lift the spirit. We live in an age where so many things compete for our attention, especially from screens. The times I’ve actively disengaged and been more present recently, have brought me the most peace. It’s easy to forget how simple things create joy. Let’s step away from the chaos, and take a few moments each day to care for our spirits.

I think we’re all ready to tell this shit year boy-bye. While my main goal is to just make it to 2021, there’s a saying – the toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire. We know this well in Texas. Would love to hear how you’re doing, and what strategies you’re using to keep your head above water through the current chaos!

I’m doing lots of podcasting to use the down time to listen, learn, and be more informed on varying topics and world issues during this introspective time!

Here’s my personal favorites!!

Armchair Expert – Dax Shepherd
The Papaya Podcast – Dear Media, Sarah Nicole
Unlocking Us – Brené Brown

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