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Paused online services, but now…it’s BACK!!

The software is better than ever, allowing me to provide streamline services to clients anytime, anywhere. This is a program run through computer &/or phone app!


•Personalized individual &/or family meal plans. Created with dietary restrictions & needs assessed through lifestyle and diet analysis.

Includes: food diaries, goals, continuous coaching and encouragement.

•Personalized individual &/or family exercise plans. Created with goals & needs assessed through lifestyle and accessibility.

Includes: tailored workouts, goals, continuous coaching and encouragement.

•One-on-one coaching.

Thanks to technology, we can communicate easily – making all the wellness plans accessible, and efficient.

((As a coach, I am available for questions regarding your health & wellness. The strategies I implement have been developed from top-industry successors before me used in order to create a lifestyle, not a quick-fix or fad.))

Access to me includes:

•Calls/text/emails with quick turn-around times.

•Coaching and motivation from a full-spectrum strategy, mind/body/spirit.

•Encouragement and guidance with unique attention to individual needs and goals.

Want to meet in person…


Let’s go! Whether it’s a park session or a studio-based activity…we can chat, review, or exercise at your convenience!


Three-tier plans, allowing you a range of choices based on your needs and goals:


•Nutritional counseling.

•Weekly meal suggestions.

•Weekly workout suggestions.

•Access to coach.

Monthly: $125


•Nutritional counseling.

•Weekly individual and/or family meal plan.

•Weekly individual and/or family exercise plan.

•Weekly check-ins and encouragement from coach.

Monthly: $175


•Nutritional counseling with weekly education.

•Weekly individual and/or family meal plans, with options to modify.

•Weekly individual and/or family exercise plan, with options to modify.

•One-on-one coaching. Weekly FaceTime/In-person meeting to review, discuss, and plan.

Monthly: $250


*(Suggestions are a broad term. While your information will be considered, if you are looking for a more catered experience-PLANS is the term you want!

PLANS will be designed specifically by me. Each week we will evaluate your experience, and modifications will be made on a continuous basis.)

**Locals – access to the studio is included with ALL three tiers!!

***Discount provided for 3-month/more sign-ups!



A. Hertel Fitness

18 months—>100lbs gone. Life changed.

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