Debbie M.

I came to Alex when I wanted to lose a few pounds for a summer beach trip I set a goal of 20 pounds and I couldn’t believe it, it just melted away. I worked out with Alex weekly, she’s such a motivator, so smart so funny so sweet. I love spending time with her, she fast became a good friend of mine—-I loved that she was dedicated to get me to my goal for our trip not only did I accomplish my goal before our trip I did it early and went past my goal  had a wonderful time looked Fabulous  on our big beach trip and I owe it all to Alex I would’ve never gotten it done she pushes you in a way that you’re happy about it— she’s so makes you want to be healthier and helps you be that— Alex is a five star trainer—-and motivator— if you’ve had surgery on this or that or your knee pops or whatever she will figure out a work out that does not agitate aggravate or hurt you in anyway— Alex Hertel I love you girl you rock!!!!

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